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Tons of new features, focus on quality information, new look and better usability, added services

You may say, this looked different and there were nearly a 1.000 company profiles on EUBIS, what happened?

The previous EUBIS directory was established in 2011 and was with that nearly 8 years old. We wanted to transform EUBIS into 2018 and bring tons of new features, more usability but also more quality into EUBIS.

Quality especially in regards of the registered service provider companies, the set of information about those companies, background information, contact options and more.

Therefore we decided to give EUBIS a completely fresh start. And to ensure to be able to maintain EUBIS with more focus we changed from a completely free directory service to a paid (only 39 EUR for a full entry) and yearly content reviewed service.

Initiated and supported by:

German Outsourcing Association, German Process Automation Association, Outsourcing Journal, RPA Journal, Outsourcing Destination Guides, 5com Media

IT-, Business Process Sourcing and Shared Services

Destination Guides

Independent insights into sourcing destinations, local IT and process services industries, conditions and more

The series of Outsourcing Destination Guides is an independent, non-profit and joint initiatives with local industry associations, public organizations or industry clusters. The guides are produced by the independent, non-profit German Outsourcing Association and enjoy therefore a high credibility as source for information when evaluating sourcing destinations for investments and co-operations.

They provide investors and buyers of ITO/BPO/ SSC services with a compressed insight into local IT and business process services industries, economical conditions, and into specialization and profiles of leading local service organizations. And … all Destination Guides are available for free download or you may grab a hard copy on one of the leading industry events in Europe.

IT-, Business Process Sourcing, RPA/IPA and Consulting

Provider, Solution, Consulting Firm Catalogues

Company information catalogues for better comparison and evaluation of service provider, RPA/IPA and IT-/sourcing consulting firms

Our series of annual company information catalogues offer buyers of outsourcing, process automation and consulting services in Germany and Europe more insights and better comparison of suitable companies. Each company is represented with one page corporate information, containing of:

  • Quick facts, incl. number of employees, offices, founding year
  • Description
  • Specialisation
  • Industry focus
  • Language capabilities and
  • Personal contact
  • Clients

The catalogues are published by the German Outsourcing Association, and the German Process Automation Association. They are a non-profit initiative and available for free download via our websites.

Upcoming Events

A list of upcoming IT-, Outsourcing, BPO, SSC, RPA and related conferences, workshops and more