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In order to ensure your listing is adequate, effective and useful for our visitors, please read the following tips for setting up your company listing in EUBIS.
We also explain the Why’s and What’s, but if you have any questions, please do write to

Is EUBIS free?

Short: the yearly listing fee for regular companies is 39 EUR (net). Corporate members of the German Outsourcing Association and the German Process Automation Association can use EUBIS free of charge, as well as registered industry associations. If in doubt shoot an email to

Why do you charge for listing my company?

In order to maintain a higher quality of listings and of the service and features in general we decided to move from a entirely free listing service to a paid model. In addition we charge for 365 days of listing and ask the author to review and renew the listing at the end of this time. This way we make sure that listings are up to date and only those companies are listed that have mature marketing capabilities, which is afterall also an indicator for a trustworthy and capable service partner.

What features does the listing include?

Full set of company information, incl. address, specialisation, tags, free text description, website, contact, contact form, social media, review, large header banner, logo, picture gallery. the option to publish own events.

New company profiles will appear on the home page as well as events.

Explain me the benefits of being listed

First of all part of our mission as independent industry association (German Outsourcing Association and German Process Automation Association) is to increase the transparency in the market. EUBIS contributes to that.

The EUBIS directory is also the only  directory for the ITO, BPO, SSC and RPA industry, including commercial companies, associations, media and events. It has a long standing history with operating since 2011 and nearly 1.000 listed companies.

Du to the new paid model we are able to cross promote EUBIS via our and the network of our partners that include the popular Outsourcing Journal, The Outsourcing Newsletter, the new RPA Journal, various publications, like the very popular Outsourcing Destination Guide series, the Provider catalogues, our events as well as the leading industry associations and media in Europe.

Afterall you have the opportunity to appear among your competitors and thus make it to long lists of service buyers and investors.

How does it work and what do I need to do?

The listing process is fairly straight forward. 1) click on “Add listing” and select the type of company (probably the first option) 2) fill out the information in the listing form 3) check your emails and transfer the fee to one of the bank accounts. In the meanwhile we will check your content and after we have received the payment we will publish your listing. Also you can sign in anytime and edit your listing.

IMPORTANT: Information to include in the listing

In order to help buyers and investors to evaluate a potential fit for their project or operations setup (for investment promotion agencies) we highly recommend to include the following information in your listing:

Short, free-text description, around 100 words

Areas of specialisation as list (bullet points or comma separated key words), like software development, blockchain, ERP finance and accounting etc.

Languages: a) contact languages , b) delivery language

Target industry focus: for instance you focus on solutions or service for banking/insurance or for retailers etc.

Nr. of employees

Location of offices (cities or countries are sufficient)

Publications: Link to your blog for instance

References: You can name companies and/or link to the section of your home page

What media, pictures, graphics can I use?

You can include the following media files and types:

  1. Logo: use a square format like 500 x 500 px, have it in 150 ppi resolution and as .jpg
  2. Header banner: size could be 1440 x 600 px for instance, some 150 ppi resolution and as .jpg
  3. Pictures of your office, so people get a first impression. Use a size like 800 x 600 px, 150 ppi resolution and as .jpg file. Take care of the file size, if too big the page will load slower, which is as you know a rather boring thing and therefore will make not such a good impression

Can I embed video?

No, at the moment you can’t embed video, but you can link to it for instance. We will be working on making embedding videos possible in one of the next rounds of refining features and services.